Build up my language skill

Today, I spent my money to buy some educational stuff such as books and a printer.

I took an ESL class today, and I thought I have to build up my writing skill. Also, for recitation class, I have to develop my discussion ability too. Besides, I have had an intense need to read the text faster because there are a bunch of reading assignments. So, I bought these books to study by myself! Looking around a bookstore is always fun and inspires me a lot although it usually leads me impulse purchases.


Also…!! Another thing that I’ve needed is a printer! Even though I can use school printers with my printer money, It has been inconvenient for me to go there whenever I want to print some documents out. By getting this wireless printer machine, now I can print all my reading materials right away. Although I’ve got used to reading e-book on my digital devices. Reading a text on paper is easier to me.


All these things will make my literacy jobs easier!  I hope to develop my English skill up to a high level with these study mates!