Daily Inspiration about Humanity

1. [TED] Jim Fallon – Exploring the mind of a killer 

He said that his genetic family tree has psychopathic gene, but he announced that the trait can be changed depending on the environment surrounding each person.

2. [EBS] 생명의 사슬, 유전 (A documentary about Genetics.)

I became curious about Genetics after watching Jim Fallon’s TED lecture, so I watched this very impressive documentary about heredity.

3. Alain De Botton – The News: A User’s Manual

I read his book that criticize for the side effect of ‘news’ and watched this video for understanding more about his opinion.

Alice in the Sweet Wonderland


This demo mobile game motion is what I created 6 years ago when I was a first-year student in Visual Communication undergraduate major in Korea.

I designed this narrative, characters and items based on the story of “Alice In the Wonderland.”

The artwork is not a professional and clumsy, but this motion reminded me of my enthusiasm for game design a long time ago.


Character Design

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.30.54 PM