Anthony Dunne – “Speculative Everything”

Designers are usually seen as problem solvers. Their function is to make a product better or more beautiful, or to make a process more efficient. But what if, instead of solving problems, they posed them? That is the premise behind Speculative Everything, the first book to look in detail at the kinds of results such an approach might throw up…. Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby, professors at London’s Royal College of Art, have been the most articulate proponents of the idea of “critical design”. Their concern is not to design products to be sent out into a slightly uncertain future but rather to imagine how that future might be entirely different. The result is a series of scenarios that help to illuminate moral, ethical, political and aesthetic problems. (Financial Times)

[DataVis_Project2] UFO sighting Index

Data Visualization class of 2016

Interactive data mapping project with CartoDB, GoogleRefine, Excel 



Data Mining Process

This data visualization is about “UFO Sightings in the world through the history” generated by CartoDB and Javascript programming.

Collaborated with Tzi Wu and Xiaomeng Tang (Parsons Design & Technology MFA students), we visualized the whole amounts of historical UFO sightings index by using the data listed on Wikipedia.  (UFO sighting wiki:

We wanted to present a dataset that shows how people see and interpret unexplained phenomenon of daily life, which UFO and aliens could be the symbolic representatives that illustrate the idea. The final map shows bubble charts on the world map which represents the numbers of UFO sighting by each location. Also, viewers can see the entire features UFO sighting has been exponentially increasing as time goes by. Also, users can simply see the change of the amount of in UFO sightings by dragging a timeline bar in this interactive map.