Physical Computing Final Proposal – Biomimicry: Cuttlefish


[Week10_homework] Mini Electric Fan

I created this weird but beautiful.. mini electric fan (a motor fan) controlled by the Arduino DC motor. I used a transistor for relay. For the design part, I imagined a gentle breeze from the the nature. The nature-style appearance with golden leaves will give you a relaxing moment in a busy life. Also, little color metal pieces on the fan create an optical illusion when it is rotating. So, it makes fantastic mood in a dark room.


[Week6_Serial Communication] Tracking heart beat by using Arduino Pulse Sensor.

Heart Beat – Visualizing Heart Rate by Pulse Sensor

I used an Arduino pulse sensor for serial communication between Arduino and Processing because I’m interested in health tech and I wanted to know how to track people’s heart rates with a sensor.

At first, I tried to make a pulse detector with LED Light and it worked.
Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.35.46 AM

So, for the second time, I combined my Arduino Pulse Sensor including code to Processing for a serial communication.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 1.59.39 AM

I wanted to make a simple visualization that can response to my heart rate. Thus, If a user grab the pulse sensor, a red LED light blinks and a heart-shaped object appears on Processing interface and the heart goes pit-a-pot by the user’s pulse rates.

By using this way, I think I will be able to develop my project with the pulse sensor and processing visualization. For my first Physical Computing homework, I created an “LED Heart Beat (Couple Character).” I want to visualize human emotion or senses that enable us to feel. Also, I think I can utilize this sensor to design a wearable health device for my further project.

[Week 4_PWM] RGB LED Analog PWM & Bottle Lamp

1. RGB LED Analog Input with Potentiometer

2. RGB LED Analog Output (Fading LED)

I made crossfading RGB LED.

The LED light slightly turns its color over and over again.

3. RGB Light Bottle Lamp

Also, I created a RGB Light Bottle Lamp that projected beautiful pattern shadow by utilizing the fadingRGB light

LED Bookmark Light (Bookmark + Reading Light)

LED Bookmark Reading Light is a tiny and cute reading mate for active readers who read a book even at night before bed. I really like reading books and I sometimes read a book before bed even after turning off the light. From my life experience, I made a tiny little reading mate which lights up when reading books. My idea was combining a bookmark and a reading light. Also, to control the light, I used a sliding potentiometer as a variable resistor and also designed it as a product. I wanted to make a practical product with the Arduino for this project.


Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 1.51.53 AM

Idea Sketch



Variable Resister: Linear (Slide) Potentiometer



Design Research

DIY Bookmark

Reading Light

Technology Research

Linear Potentiometer