[PT] Shannon Mattern – Urban DashBoard


  1. Mission Control: A History of the Urban Dashboard
  2. Indexical Landscapes Symposium @Art Center
  3. Middlewhere: Landscapes of Library Logistics
  4. Gaps in the Map: The Topologies of Cartography



[Week 3_Recitation] Artificial Intelligence


What is the diffence between “artificial” and “nature”?

What makes human being as a human?


A Cautious Prometheus? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design, Bruno Latour

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3…* (or Why the Artificial May Yet Save Us), Clive Dilnot

Note-taking during the discussion in a  recitation class.

My thinking:

As a designer, I carefully consider that my design (artificial things) can be better than natural states or nature itself that there is no intervention.

In my opinion, for the matter of the difference between human and nonhuman is “empathy,” and so as to design artificial things, we have to empathize with nature such as tree, river as a human being who is part of the nature.