[Thesis_Ideation] My Interests for Thesis (Grid of 9)

Gender Issue

“I would like to address gender issues that are obstacles that women encounter during their career paths and how those dilemmatic life matters make them stop pursuing their careers, generating feelings of shame, vulnerability, social anxiety.”

In South Korea, women’s employment rate is higher than men’s in their 20’s after graduating colleges. But once they get married or pregnant, the situation get totally reversed. Many women are coping with this general problem even though the society has been evolved. (my mom got her master’s degree, and could go for her career as a textile designer, but she quit all the job because of giving me birth.)



Creativity & Diversity

“I would like to investigate what kind of matters hinder people from seeking the creativity in their lifetime.”

Lack of self-driven creativity or diversity in Korea. The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. What is called resignation is confirmed desperation. – Henry David Thoreau.
Personally, I think the culture of standardization, uniformity, snobbism is the most critical matter in my country, South Korea.



Human Imagination
Artificial Intelligence

“I would like to look for the new realms of human imagination that the computer vision cannot mimic and advance so that I want to re-define the humanity in the hyper-connected machine intelligence age.”

[Thesis_Ideation] My Interests for Thesis (Grid of 9)

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