[Final Project] “Graffiti Cities”



I have thought that cityscapes are too monotonous and even doomed because most of the buildings are grey consists of dark cement or metal. Sometimes I feel they are a lack of colors and sensibility. Along with this thought, I have been inspired by some cases that street artist revives slum villages or undeveloped cities by coloring old buildings. Personally, I went on a design trip to London in 2012, and a purpose of the trip is to research how slum villages can be revived by street art and benchmark them in order to re-design a street in Korea. We visited Hackney, a multi-cultural city in London, which had been revived by street art and community warfare. Inhabitants in Hackney were poor and the it was high crime rate city in London in the past, but city reconstruction project was successful and contributed to change the city as an artistic, cultural landmark within the east London. Particularly, street art like graffiti and art education for children were a big energy behind of the revival of the city. Inspired by the examples of cities which were revived by street art, I want to adapt the idea, that gives color to gray cities, to my game.


Author: Jiyeon Kang (Jenny)

MFA Student of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design dreamealist@gmail.com

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