[MS2_2nd Project] Bubble Life App

Project Pitch

Project Name : Bubble Life (or Spent)

I’m creating an app (prototype) which visualizes the time and money that people spend daily by analyzing individuals’ personal data such as internet searching history, physical activities and expenditure in order to show their lifestyle to users at a glance and figure out the connectivity between each data that identifies a person.


Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 6.00.48 PM

Project Schedule / Didactics

Bubble Life (가제)
Personal Data Visualization App (Money & Time)

Communication / Project Didactics / Critical Thinking and Reflective Judgement / Creative Process / Contextualization / Evaluation / Integration and Appropriate Use of Technology / Production and Time Management

Planning – initial sketches, how it works
1:1 Meeting with Katherine
Domain / Context – Big Data, surveillance design / mobile app design / UX design / data visualization
Design research & Precedent
Visual Identify Design
Persona – user profiling, user scenario
Proposal upload on blog
Data aggregation
1) Searching history – How much time you spent on SNS or other websites?
2) Consumption – debit Card & credit card history – which brands?
3) Health Data – daily steps, sleep pattern,
Excel – Data Manipulation
R Studio – Data Visualization
Illustration Sketch & Design
Illustrator – Adapting Illustration
Evaluation – is there any relations between each data of time and money?
Personas – various user Profiles, different scenarios
User testing – in terms of User Experience
 Marketing – how can this app be used for advertising or marketing as an analysis tool of individuals’ taste, preference and lifestyles
Critic – think about privacy matter, in the context of surveillance design
Due day: ~ Monday (3/7)



Author: Jiyeon Kang (Jenny)

MFA Student of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design dreamealist@gmail.com

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