[Week 2_Homework] Surveillance

Read: Christian Parenti’s “Life in the Glass Box,” intro to The Soft Cage, 2003
Design: students bring visual / textual examples based on prompt “control from above”
wk 03, Feb 09: Surveillance Inc.
In class
Discuss: Parenti reading, student examples
Brief: assignment #1, paper prototype re Invasive Viewing, concept next wk, pinup on March 1st (what is pinup?)
Read: Jean-Pierre Barou interview with Foucault The Eye of Power, on Panopticism (many seen by few)
Design: develop concept for Invasive Viewing project to present in class next week.
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.38.24 PM
I personally experienced in surveillance from above very recently.

Because I’m living in the school dorm, there are always CCTVs that are capturing my movement in the building. 2 days ago, I lost my backpack in the basement and I asked the dorm security guards for checking the recorded video to look into what was happening at that time. I stayed all night in the basement at that time, so I watched the surveillance video that took my every movement in the space from 11 pm at night to 8 am in the morning. It was such a shocking experience to realize the school is observing me all the time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my backpack, but It was thought-provoking experience of surveillance system within the public space.



Surveillance Design that I created before

  • Kids Behavior counting machine that can be surveilled by parents



Author: Jiyeon Kang (Jenny)

MFA Student of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design dreamealist@gmail.com

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