[DATA VIS_FINAL] Idea Proposal

The goal of the final project is to bring together the conceptual dimension of the class together with the visualization techniques we’ve learned and discussed. You will develop and implement a final project following a complete, iterative design and data analysis process, starting with a set of proposals. You should aim to pursue about 10 ideas during the next week that are intellectually distinct, addressing a diverse range of points of views and explorations in different subject domains and levels of complexity. Work rapidly and loosely, limiting yourself to notes and hand sketches during this process while you are doing research.
During the research and sketching process, you should aim to address the following questions:
  • Does the data exist?
  • What are some initial observations you have about the data?
  • What is noteworthy? What insights could this data offer?
  • How is it related to visualization, how can visualizing this data help someone understand it?
After researching and sketching, you should narrow down your list to 3 ideas to bring to class. Talk about your ideas with a peer or person outside of class. Create a one-page proposal addressing the questions above as well as any other questions you find relevant to your subject.
Each proposal should include:
  • A clear description of your idea that is not so vague and broad that it becomes sprawling
  • Identify the readily available data sources that you will be using (you can add your sources to the Data Sources wiki too)
  • At least one visual sketch (hand drawn, diagram, ggplot chart, excel chart, illustrator drawing, etc.)







Author: Jiyeon Kang (Jenny)

MFA Student of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design dreamealist@gmail.com

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