[Week11_Final] Prototype1: Habit Kit + Feedbacks from DT students

Final Presentation <<-

(Monday’s Presentation & Review Session.)



“Help Kids Form Healthy Habits”




Toy Design Prototype





How it works?


Web Design Prototype







Display on Monday

IMG_0242IMG_0246 copy


I think the presentation session on Monday was a valuable opportunity to get useful advices from DT students in other major studio and practice a speech about my project idea.

Actually, the advices from other students was so helpful and thought-provoking.

Some notable comments (problems):

  1. It would be better that the website is for just parents, not the children themselves because young children will not monitor their habit progress. It can be an informative website that enlighten their parents who manage their children.
  2. There are some problem you cannot control children when they push the button whenever they want to get chocolates… Young kids have not enough ability for self control.
  3. Chocolates and candies as rewards seems like an unhealthy way for kids, but it will be a fun way to be familiar with the concept of habit because the habit kit looks like a toy and children will like it.
  4.  Make sure how to work on technology. Can bluetooth be possible for wearable bracelets? How will the button trigger the machine?
  5. Work on presentation skill. The product itself and design process and visual communication are really well-developed, but you need to elaborate on your process in detail for effective communication to people who are not aware of your project.




Author: Jiyeon Kang (Jenny)

MFA Student of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design dreamealist@gmail.com

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