[Week3_Resource] Ars Electronica 2015

The Professor gave us a book “Post City,” the compilation of recent exhibits and projects in the digital media area that associated with Ars Electronica. There were many amazing projects that are worth notice.


Post City – A city within the city

Geeta Mehta – Building Future Resilience with Social Capital

Kristien Ring – Self Made City – Qualities for Future Urban Living

Addie Wagenknecht – Silk Road

Carlo Ratti – Towards a New Conception of Working Spaces

Madeleine O’Dea – Polymath’s Paradise – Ou Ning Reimagines Rural China

Ou Ning – The Bishan Project – Restarting the Rural Reconstruction Movement

Michael Badics – Habitat 21 – Solutions-related Projects in Urban Space

Ars Electronica Solutions, The Grameen Creative Lab, Engineers without Borders Austria – After the Disaster – Crisis as an opportunity

Lukas Maximilian Huller, Hannes Seebacher, Kilian Kleinschmidt, Robert Pocksteiner – Post Refugee City

What Does Peace Look Like? – Curated by Lois Lammerhuber

Ianina Prudenko – Mythogenesis

Ian Banerjee – Educational Urbanism – Rise of the Learning Intensive City

Habidatum & Mathrioshka – Semantic Landscapes

Katja shechtner, Dietmar Offenhuber – sensing place / placing sense 3 – improvising infrastructure

The Grameen Creative Lab – Social Buisness

Bio Austria – Farmers’ Market of the Future – Organic Farmers are securing the future of healthy nutrition

TU WIEN and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) – Urban Design Laboratory

CityIF – Urbanization as Disaster

[tp3] architects and Eddea Arquitectura y Urbanismo – Citythinking – WHY IS MORE

1,001 Models of Habitats for the 21st Century

Markus Riebe – Form/Code/Maps: Air Corridors

Jess Ching-wa Lau – The Fading Piece

Andreas J.Hirsch – Re-Reading the City – Views of the Post-Urban Condition

Norbert Artner in cooperation with Thomas Macho and  Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber – Hallstatt Revisited

Alexander Mankowsky – Futures Studies & Ideation – Autonomous Cars: The Introduction of Automation into Society

Martina Mara & Christopher Lindinger – Talking to the RoboCar – New Research Approaches to the Interaction between Human Beings and Mobility Machines in the City of the Future

Jurgen Weissinger – Time Travel into the Future

Post City Kit – Initiative by Future Catalysts Hakuhodo x Ars Electronica

Shunji Yamanaka, fuRo-Future Robotics Technology Center – Halluc llx

fuRo-Future Robotics Technology Center – ILY-A

takram design enginnering, fuRo-Future Robotics Technology Center – On the Fly

Otto Bock Healthcare – Genium-Binoic Prothetic System

formquadrat D-Dalus: A New Way of Traveling

Johammer – J1 Electric Motorcycle

Peter Moosgaard – Cargo Cult Segway

Hannes Langeder – Fahrradi Farafella FFX

Hiroo Iwata – Big Robo Mk1

University of Art and Design Linz + Kuka – Robots in Architecture

FESTO AG – eMotionSpheres – ollision-free Motion of Autonomous Systems in a Space

Rintaro Shimohama, Naoki Nishimura, Shinya Wakaoka – Noramoji Project

IDPW – Internet Yami-Ichi

The Trinity Session – Stephen Hobbs and Marcus Neustetter – Renaming the City

Ars Electronica Futurelab – Focus

University of Tsukuba + Ars electronica Futurelab – Post City Kits from the University of Tsukuba

MIRAI Project Department TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION X Future Catalyst – KURUMA-IKU Lab

Field – Quasar

Katia Canepa Vege – Beauty Technology

Hannah Perner-WIlson, Andrew Quitmeyer – A Wearable Studio Practice

Dorota Sadovska – Vivid Dresses

Shiho Fukuhara, Georg Tremmel – BioPresence

Katrina Spade – Urban Death Project

Bui Bjarmar Adalsteinsson – The Fly Factory


Soichiro Mihara – bell

Salvatore laconesi, Oriana Persico – Ubiquitous Infoscapes – The participatory performance of the city

Citizen Four – A film directed by Laura Poitras

TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard

Future Innovators Summit 2015

Derrick de Kerckhove – Connected Intelligence in the Post City – The Internet as a Social Limbic System

Maria Pia Rossignaud – Multiplying Mind by Mind – Connected Intelligence Atelier

Dietmar Offenhuber – Civic Technologies: Tools or Therapy?

Veronika Pauser, Claudia Schnugg, Susa Popp – Connecting Cities – Artists and Researchers Empowering Citizens since 2012

nita – blindage – A connecting Cities Research Residency 2015 Project

Ursula Feuersinger – Deep City – A connecting Cities Research Residency 2015 Project

Dietmar Offenhuber – Urban Entropy – A connecting Cities Research Residency 2015 Project

Florian Born, Christoph Fraundorfer – ESEL-Complain – A Connecting Cities Research Residency 2015 Project

Tamer Aslan, Onur Sonmez – Flame

Mark Shepard, Julian Oliver, Moritz Stefaner – False Positive

Knowledge Capital – The Emergence of Osaka in Action

Gerfried Stocker – The Challenge of Art and Science

Art and Science Exhibition Part 1 – Hybrid Art

Ann-Katrin Krenz, Michael Burk – Kepler’s Dream

Cedric Brandilly – Architectural SonarWorks

IAAC-Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia – Minibuilders

Laurent Migonneau and Christa Sommerer – Portrait on the Fly

Yasuaki Kakehi – Transmart miniascape

Jonathan Keep – Seed Bed

Nick Ervinck – VIUNAP

Nick Ervinck – Selected Works

Brian Harms – Suspended Despositions

Julian Melchiorri – Silk Leaf

Field – Quasar

exonemo – Body Paint


Art and Science Exhibition Part 3 – Spaceship Earth

ESA-European Space Agency

Nestor Lizalde – The Naked Veriti Project

Nestor Lizalde – Pii

Pablo Valbuena – Time Tiling

Summer Sessions Network – Summer Sessions

Mate Pacsika – Vertigo System

Noper + Saint Machine – Feed Me

Robert Pravda – Monoid a.k.a My New Speaker

Kokrra.tv – Momentum

Sirin Bahar Demirel – Living with Leviathan

Woody Vasulka & Sliders_lab – Digital Vocabulary

Sophie daste – Miroir

Michel Bret – Pissenlit

Michel Bret – Dynasenza

Chu-Yin Chen – Vitamorph 2

Masters and Doctoral students in the ATI department – Best animated image technology films

Philippe Bootz – 5 generations of digital literature

Clemence Bugnicourt, Ulric Leprovost – Immersio

Cedric Ciebien – Dumping in the imagination

Cedric Plessiet, Salma Chaabane – Lucky 2.0

Christina Chrysanthopoulou – Cauchemar, le jeu

Alain Lioret – Painting Beings

Eisenbahnbrücke nightmare – Patricia Margarit Castello

Rosi Grllmair – exhy

Anatol Bogendorfer, Peter Androsch – Diaspora Machine

Anarchy Dance Theatre X Ultra Combos – Second Body

Russian Sound Art Showcase

Robert Lippok and Wolfgang Fuchs – Listening Post

Voestalpine Klangwolke 2015 – Hochward

Living as holistic organic interaction – The Mobile 01 Atelier

Werner Jauk – Post City Sounds – The sounds of diversity post plurality

Werner Jauk – iHome

Reality Levels – VIRTUREAL

Dawid Liftinger – Flashlightinstallation

Christina Dellemesching – T-Twee

Lukas Jakob Locker – Tape Delay

Andreas Trixl – Siblings of Frank

techne – The Interplay of Art and Technology


Deep Space 8K

The Universe Within

Colour Bars – Gerhard Funk, Christoph Frey

White Point – Arotin & Serghei

Post Refugee City – Lukas Maximilian Huller

Game Changer Suite – University of Applied Sciences’ Hagenberg

Hyung joong Kim – Jangdan

Primetals Technologies – METEC 2015

SAP – Inspiration Pavilion Beijing

Vienna Airport – From Austria to the World: Paris

TEDxVIENNA : City 2.0

Umdasch Shopfitting: viPOS wall at the EuroCIS

Beehive, Cafe European Capital of Culture, Mons

Circle of Light, Moscow International Festival


Author: Jiyeon Kang (Jenny)

MFA Student of Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design dreamealist@gmail.com

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